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Fashion is a form of self-expression and identity. Are you sleek? Business minded? A hipster? Vintage? Fashion is clothing that becomes a trend, which tends to reflect a behavior, mindset, or circumstance. There are odd fashion trends all over history, telling a story about the people of that time and culture.

Fashion matters. To the economy, to society and to each of us personally. Faster than anything else, what we wear tells the story of who we are – or who we want to be.

But fashion is too often seen as a frivolous, vain and ephemeral industry. Many people fail to appreciate just how important and wide-reaching it really is. Globally, the industry value is $3 trillion. It's the second biggest worldwide economic activity for the intensity of trade, and it is employing over 57 million workers in developing countries, 80 percent of whom are women.

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Our main goal to reveal true beauty of your inner world by matching it with your appearance. Together we will find truly YOUR style.

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...who will work with you as long as you need assistance. The coach will teach you how to combine colors and shapes, how to emphasize your advantages and what jewelry to wear to every occasion.

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...consists of a huge variety of writings covering every fashion aspect, which you can think about. Keep calm and follow all the industry changes by getting the subscription to our service.


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The Psychology of Fashion
Diversity in Cloth
Vintage Trends


One of the most adorable fashion styles, it definitely is a blast from the past. From flapper dresses to pinup clothing and from retro swimwear to indie clothing, the vintage look is a culmination of fashion from the 20’s to the 70’s. It is the one trend that overcame the test of time.

Vintage Fashion Style

Sexy Fashion Style

It is all about showing off your best features. Let all the best things about your out there to get the attention of male. Mostly accompanied by heels, shorts or tight skirts, this style leaves the bare minimum for imagination. Exposure is to be at the maximum and as much as skin is shown. Tight fitting tops are chosen to show off the features like breasts and stomach.
Casual is a combination of elegance with comfort. This simple style has caught up well with the passage of time and is one of the most sought after fashion styles as of now. None of the exotic and bold items will be in the wardrobe of a woman who follows casual fashion. They would prefer to put on a white T-Shirt and black pants over tight and uncomfortable exotics any day. They tend to keep it simple and match the accessories with whatever the simple clothing they are wearing.

Casual Fashion Style

Tomboy Fashion Style

Basically for the ones who do not want to be dressed like a woman. They do not abide by the usual norms of what a woman should wear. To put it lightly, they prefer black over pink. Most of their clothing are a bit baggy and focuses more on graphic T-Shirts and Shirts from the boy’s selection. They do not prefer light colors and frills or laces. It can ask so be described as simple and modern. A boyish look is what they prefer over the classy, elegant looks.
Vintage T-Shirts, ripped jeans and leather jacket – three words that describe the rocker look. It is one of the most versatile style of fashion which keeps changing depending on the genre of music, the band and the person who choose to wear it. Be it heavy metal giant Megadeth’s T-Shirt or grunge rockers Nirvana’s hoodie, the selection seems to be uncountable. There are no baggy apparels in this style. Most of the clothes chosen are a tad bit smaller in size. It all depends on the wearer and what music they love and support.

Rocker Fashion Style

Preppy Fashion Style

The college look would be the tag most suitable for the preppy look. The collared T-Shirts are matched and A-line skirts are matched with girly blouses that are lined up in their wardrobe. A cute little headband and geeky glasses mostly do accompany with this style. The geeky look might seem to be an expensive style, but it is not required to shell out much to get this look as it is not that luxurious.

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